Tea means Tea other than Kangra Tea derived from the plant “Camellia Genus” includes Leaf, Broken, Fannings, Dust, Orthodox CTC and Green Tea.

Somebody has said that “Tea is better than wine for it Leadeth not to Intoxication” and better than water “For it doth not carry disease”. Tea Tampers the spirit, calms the mind, arouses thought and prevents drowsiness.

Friends and Well-Wishers, here is a brief insight, function and working of The Bombay Tea Traders Association. Its office is situated at C/o. 460, Central Facility Bldg No – 1 APMC Cpmplex, Masala Market, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400703.

[ B T T A ] The Bombay Tea Traders Association came into existence in 1968. Its initial membership was 74 members and today its strength is around 150 members, which consists of WHOLESALERS, RETAILERS, CHAIN SHOP OWNERS, PRODUCERS and EXPORTERS, mainly dealing in DRY TEA.

B T T A has a committee of 13 (thirteen) members, which consists of President, Vice President, Two Secretaries and a Treasurer. It also has an export panel consisting of two members, a retail panel of two members and a Dispute Committee from within the committee members itself, to solve disputes between traders.

It is affiliated to other organizations like The Federation of Associations Of Maharashtra [F. A. M.], Navi Mumbai Merchants Chamber [N M M C] and also Federation of All India Tea Traders Association [F. A. I. T. T. A]. Siliguri.

One of the Association Member is on the Executive Committee of Tea Board Calcutta Representing Exports and Internal Trade.

The External Affairs of the Association are run by rules and Regulations of its “Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association duly registered with the Registrar of firms. And the internal affairs is managed by rules and regulations passed by Annual General meeting.

It represents members interest on Semi Government, State Government, Central Government level and any department connected with the Tea Trading Community.

Under unusual circumstances namely paucity of supply of Tea, Civil supply dept and concerned Authorities take co-operation of The Bombay Tea Traders Association, to see that not a single tea drinker is deprived of its “Cuppa“.